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Wonder How Shipping Works? Look Here.
What are the Shipping Costs?
How will my order be shipped?
Should I tear out my old kitchen or bathroom before receiving my new cabinets?
Are the cabinets shipped assembled?
How fast will my cabinets ship out?
How will my order be shipped?
What are the Shipping Costs?
What should I do if my order gets damaged during delivery?
can I pick up my order?


Canadian ordering explained
Is shipping available to Canada and is there any additional costs?


What goes into our cabinetry...
How do I assemble a Reserve line cabinet glide?
Is your cabinetry safe & can I use them in California or New York?
How Do I install a Reserve Line Roll-Out Tray?
What do you mean by “All Wood, No Particleboard"?
What are the wood doors made from?
Can I convert the Elite Line Cabinets to use a soft-close glide?
How thick are the doors and frame on the cabinets?
How Do I Assemble a Reserve Line Drawer Box with Dovetails?
How far can the cabinet doors open with the different types of hinges?
How do I install crown molding on the Reserve Line cabinets?
Is it a good idea to use wood or carpenter's glue along with the cams to make the cabinet more solid structurally?
In your Reserve Line of cabinets can the door be installed so that it is either a right or left swing?
How many shelves come in the cabinets?


We love to help with designing your kitchen...
Can I receive help with designing my kitchen or bathroom?
Should I purchase a sample door prior to ordering cabinets?
I saw spice racks and some other accessories in the image gallery, are those pieces available?
I need 30 inch depth for my base cabinetry. Is this available?
Can I use an under cabinet drawer style microwave with your cabinets?
How much wall space do I need for a blind WALL corner cabinet?
what are the measurements of the base end panel?
What are the dimensions of the Reserve Line oven cabinet frame?
Are the wall and base blind corner cabinets reversible?
Do I need Toe Kick?
Are double oven cabinets available?
Do I need a finished End Panel (BEP) for the exposed cabinet sides?


Questions that are tough to categorize...
What is Your Privacy Policy?
Can I just show up and pick up cabinets from your warehouse location?
Can I save my cart so that when I come back to your site, it will be available again?
Does out of stock mean the item is gone forever?
Item Numbers Explained. What do they mean?
What are Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets?
Do you offer contractor pricing?
I'd like to purchase a sample door. How do I do this?
What Does Closeout Mean?
If I order multiple sample Doors, How will I know which one's which?
Is there any way to get unfinished cabinets?
Where are the cabinets manufactured?


Fun & strange facts about cabinets & Cabinet Giant...
How much storage space does Cabinet Giant use?
How many total pieces are currently in stock?